Prof. dr. ir. Mark Huijben

I started studying interface engineering for oxide electronics during my MSc and PhD (2006) at the University of Twente with a stay at Stanford University (USA). During my postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley (USA), my research was broadened to the field of multiferroic applications with magnetic and electrical interactions at the interfaces. In 2009 I started my research group at the University of Twente as Assistant Professor. At the same time, I became programme director of the strategic research direction 'Nanomaterials for Energy' within the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology in order to expand the expertise in nano-related energy research.

In these positions, I was successful in obtaining financial support (e.g. EU FP7 projects and personal VENI grant (2010)) in the field of thermoelectrics, photovoltaics and artificial photosynthesis, where high-performance oxide interfaces are crucial. In 2013 I became Associate Professor and shifted the focus to next-generation batteries, for which I received the personal VIDI grant (2014) and several other funded projects (e.g. Perspectief, ECHO). In 2016 I obtained a permanent position with ius promovendi. Furthermore, since 2018 I have been appointed as Guest Scientist within the IEK-1 Electrochemical Storage Department of Forschungszentrum J├╝lich (Germany). Since January 2022 I became Full Professor of the chair 'Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage' with a young and enthusiastic research team in studying innovative nanomaterials for realizing enhanced energy conversion and storage applications.

Research group members

Dr. Daniel M. Cunha
Senior researcher
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Melvin Timmerman
PHD student
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Jie Zheng
PHD student
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Han Xue
PHD student
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Ivan Trefilov
PHD student
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Kaouther Nahr El Khouloud Touidjine
PHD student (DESTINY program with FZ Julich and TU Delft)

Kai Yao
PHD student (ALISTORE program with FZ Julich)

Najma Yaqoob
PHD student (with FZ Julich)

Jeannet Schroten
Master student

Maarten Jager
Master student

The Huijben Research Group is part of the Inorganic Materials Science group among which the supporting staff is shared (secretary and technicians).

Alumni (former Postdocs and PHD students)

Dr. Marijn van de Putte (now at ASML)

Dr. Rui Xia (now at University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Dr. Deepak Singh

Dr. Daniel M. Cunha (now senior researcher in my group)

Dr. Ron Hendriks (now at Helmholtz Institute Munster)

Dr. David Dubbink (now at Advisian)

Tom Wijnands (now at Ministry of Defence)

Dr. Zhaoliang Liao (now at University of Science and Technology of China)

Dr. Alim Solmaz (now at NATO Communications and Information Agency)

Dr. Peter Brinks (now at Diakonessenhuis Utrecht)